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Thanks to you, our loyal customers Daiso has been able to celebrate its 8th anniversary in Auckland!
We will continue to keep providing quality and value in our products and hope that you will keep shopping here with us!!

We sell everything at $3.50!!($3+GST)

You can shop with us online! (minimum order of 10 items)

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If you come to the shop and buy 3 items, you get a little discount (3 for $10)!!

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Umbrell shaped Food Cover
Diameter 46cm x Height 18cm


ポップフラワーピックス 24pcs
Pop Flower picks


高麗人参 足裏樹液シート 2枚組
KOREAN GINSENG Sole sap sheet 2pcs

DeliSスリム2段ロングランチ イエロー
Double lunch Box (yellow)
1 piece = $3.4


Sole sap sheet Refresh 2pcs

ふとん圧縮袋 100×110cm
Compression bag 100 x 110cm
You can save storage space using your vacuum cleaner.

 (Quantity:6)  From 1 to 6 
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